Online Course Pilot Students

Please leave your email address and other information if you are willing to be a part of my course entitled "Moving Forward with PBL for Mathematics."  It will basically be an online version of what I usually offer as a full-week course intended for 7-12 math teachers at the Anja S. Greer Conference for Math, Science and Technology, but it will completed over a 5 week period.  I am calling it a pilot, because it will be offered at special lower price mostly because I am looking for feedback from the participants so that I can improve the input and feedback that participants receive.  The fee for the pilot will be $50 for the 5 week course (compared to $150 once it goes public.)  The course will be taught in a group format so it will be important on a weekly basis to attempt to keep up with the work this summer.

Thanks for considering it! Carmel

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