The Pyramid Book

I am still in drafts... if you are curious or would like to send me some encouragement, please sign-up for updates below. 

The Design Pyramid explores the complex and inseparable interactions between design, business, technology and people. The approach covered in this book is the culmination of thoughts, discussions and experiences I have had from working with clients over the years. It has helped me and my clients, and I am hoping it will help others with their own projects and clients.

The model leverages the properties of the tetrahedral pyramid, whereby every one of the four faces shares a common edge with the other three. Regardless of the background—or face—the reader has as starting point, the pyramid will serve to illicit the complex interactions between the faces, and uncover relationships that can be otherwise overlooked or forgotten. This approach does not aim to offer an answer in itself, but to expand the thought process in achieving it.

Intended for designers, entrepreneurs, scientists and other creatives professionals alike, this book celebrates the versatility of cross-disciplinary individuals and their unique ability to address challenges in the modern-day world. It is by no means is a normative guide, and is intended solely to enhance the exploration and ideation process. 

The final product will either be a series of blog posts, an e-book, a printed copy... or all of the above. 
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