ADHD Action was founded after experiencing first-hand the impact that lack of awareness and patchy or non-existent provision can have on individuals and families. 

Considering ADHD affects 5% of children and 2.5% of adults, the burden to society across health (including mental, sexual, addiction); education; criminal justice; work and benefits;  homelessness and social care is vast. Huge cost savings can be made to stretched public services if this highly treatable condition was given the attention it desperately needs. 

ADHD Action’s initial goals are to lobby and campaign cross party for an ADHD Act of Parliament, similar to the one that exists for autism; increase awareness across public services and society as a whole; and push for vastly improved provision and pathways for diagnosis and support.

ADHD Action works through the power of people's stories, empowering and individuals and families, and ensuring much needed changes happen as soon as is possible.

But we need your help in order to do this. We are a newly launched charity with charity number application underway.

So, how can you get involved?
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