'HEALTH PROFESSIONALS ON ME/CFS’ – features short talks by:

- Professor Don Staines, Co-director of NCNED, Griffith University

- Dr Georgina Gibson, General Practitioner

- Mark Barrett, Physiotherapist, Physiologic

- Professor Pete Smith, Immunologist and Allergist, Queensland Allergy Clinic

- Julie Albrecht, Dietitian and Nutritionist, Julie Albrecht and Associates.

- Dr Dianne Shanley, Director of Griffith Psychology Clinic, Griffith University

- & Patient testimonies

As soon as the video recording of these talks is ready to share,  we will email the link to you.  The video will be free of charge, and we won't pass your email details on, to anyone else without your permission. 

Ketra Wooding, 

and Young People with ME/CFS, Gold Coast

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