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Autumn Triduum is a roleplaying game about religious sisters fighting the forces of darkness from All Hallows' Eve to All Souls' Day. The game uses the Powered by the Apocalypse story-forward game engine to tell stories about darkness, sisterhood, and faith. Players take on the roles of religious sisters, playing as archetypes like the Elder, the Novice, the Mystic, the Artist, the Penitent, and the Widow.

No Holds Bard is a Shakespearean fighting board game for 4–6 players. Hamstring as Hamlet, beatdown as Beatrice, or pursue as the Bear! Over twenty different Shakespearean characters brawl for victory in a last-character-standing melee.

Enemy of the Revolution is a hidden agenda storytelling game for 4–10 players. Players take on the roles of revolutionary squad members embarking on a dangerous, frequently lethal mission—or they play as infiltrators on that same squad, secret counter-revolutionaries trying to strike a blow against Glorious Revolutionary Comrade Leader. Players generate shibboleths to identify their true allies and enemies during the game.
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