LED Lighting Mini-Education Series

Thank you for your interest in Enlighten's LED Education series.  Before you sign up below, here is some info on the program!
The series is designed to provide key knowledge to better manage an investment in LED lighting for your commercial building.  Anyone responsible for a major LED lighting purchase will be better equipped to:
  1. Understand the value of LED as it relates to your business
  2. Analyze LED lighting proposals received
  3. Identify capable LED lighting partners
  4. Set project goals specific to their business  
Examples of personnel Enlighten's Ed Series is intended for include but is certainly not limited to:
Developers, General Managers, Asset Managers, Utilities Managers, Energy Managers, Maintenance Managers, Construction Project Managers, Upper Management Responsible for Capital Expenditures

Should you join, you will receive approximately 2 emails weekly for 8 installments total, and, once complete, will receive no further emails.  Each installment is designed to take 5 - 10 minutes to read.   Similar information to that covered in this Mini Series is available at our Blog as well.
We hope you join and enjoy!
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