Tired of reading about global problems in the news without any solutions?

Here's a thought. We read about problems every day — the migrant crisis, opioid epidemic, job displacement, and the list goes on. Often, it feels like there’s little we can do, and so we’re left with “learned helplessness” and a tendency to stop trying. That’s not only dangerous; it’s not necessary.

Solutions to these problems are out there. People are working on incredible fixes, but they just don’t make it into the news cycle.

The Learned Action newsletter seeks to change that. Every two weeks, I provide a refreshing view of the world — different from the one we see in the news or on Facebook.

  • Solutions, not problems.
  • Optimism, not pessimism.
  • Action, not helplessness.

To get a sense of what's in store, check out the archives from the past few months.

— Drew Bent

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