Do you want to increase your influence, and Persuade powerfully?

Watch the 2 min video:

1. Are you tired of chasing clients that never result in business?

2. Do you want clients to come to you?
3. Do you want to be taken seriously in business?
4. Do you want to increase your sale conversions and influence powerfully?

You will need charm, charisma, confidence & a speaking voice.

At Y-Connect we offer 2 options for you:
1. Our next Power of Persuasion 6 week Masterclass-join the waiting list below.

Want some social proof? To see what other's thought of the course?

2. One on One coaching to develop your authentic voice, storytelling, sales pitch or pitch deck.
   Email me at to apply.

Our free offering: We have a Masterclass that happened last year, on building credibility & trust
in the marketplace, that you will get if you join our waiting list.

You will learn:

  •  How to go from unheard to being credible and becoming a trusted adviser for your target audience.

  • Why Thought Leadership will raise your status and desirability with clients.

  • 3 strategies to become a Thought Leader.

What did a Neuro-Scientist, Dr Bill Price think of this master class? Watch the video to see.
  • Join our waiting list today, for the next camp that is starting soon.
  • Yoke van Dam has been in the Persuasion game since she was selling pizza at the age of 15.
  • Since then her love affair with sales, influence and persuasion has only gotten stronger.
  • She has more than 16 years experience as a sales professional, trainer & coach.
  • Today, as a Distinguished Toastmaster and qualified behavioral change coach she inspires and teaches leaders and sales professionals( 2500+) how to get people to buy into their ideas through her company Y-Connect.
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