Free webinar: How to go from unheard to being seen as an expert

1. Are you tired of chasing clients that never result in business?
2. Do you want clients to come to you?

3. Do you want to be taken seriously in business?

In this 60-minute webinar, we will cover

  •  How to go from unheard to being credible and becoming a trusted advisor for your target audience.

  • Why Thought Leadership will raise your status and desirability with clients.

  • 3 strategies to become a Thought Leader.

Yoke van Dam is a well known Thought Leader in the Sales, Presenting, and Emotional Intelligence space. She has trained more than 1800 sales executives, and her clients are winning vendor pitches, speaking on large stages, and signing more deals.

She is an expert in changing mindsets, a presentation coach and behavioral change strategist that will enhance the current skills your team has, and take them to the next level.


Date and time:

 Friday 8th May at 9 am - 10am South African Standard Time.

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